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Software: Recommendations


As much as possible, these applications are either libre or easily pirated.

Purpose Name Comments License
Browser Pale Moon Like old school Firefox. Privacy respecting FLOSS
Chat Element Use matrix for private conversations; good Discord replacement. FLOSS
Chat Signal A WhatsApp replacement; not as good as Element for key management, group chats, or privacy. FLOSS
SSH Kitty Great for coding, server management, and getting the Linux experience on the fly. FLOSS
SCP/FTP WinSCP Send and receive files with encryption from your Linux machines. FLOSS
Torrent uTorrent 2.2.1 Works with magnet, DHT, RSS feeds; no ads or spyware. freeware
Text editor Emacs 'nuff said. FLOSS
Document viewing SumatraPDF Works with PDF and epub. Probably other document formats, too. FLOSS
Start menu StartAllBack Makes the menu look like Windows XP/Windows 7 start menus. Commercial
Audio management EarTrumpet Makes it easy to manage multiple audio devices (e.g. with VoiceMeeter) FLOSS
File management TreeSize Free Find large files/directories so you can purge them. freeware
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