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Gikopoi Rooms

Type or click #rula to switch between rooms, or see what rooms are active on a server.

The “streams” count is for the default source code and does not apply to

Someone being annoying? Just use #list function to IGNORE them.

Enjoy your time!

Room index

Room name Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 Stream slots Comments
Bar Gikopoipoi 2
Bar Street Gikopoipoi 0
Kanrinrin Street Gikopoipoi 0 Chess
Underground Town Gikopoipoi 0
Developer's Lounge Gikopoipoi 2
Hilltop Gikopoipoi 2
Silo Gikopoipoi 2
Yoshinoya Gikopoipoi 1
Eel Track Gikopoipoi 0
Bar Giko Gikopoipoi 3
Shrine Gikopoipoi 4 Chess
Cafe Vista Gikopoipoi 0
Bus Stop Gikopoipoi 0
Underground Town: Drunker's Bar Gikopoipoi 3 Anonymous
Fountain Plaza Gikopoipoi 3
Bar Giko Lower Floor Gikopoipoi 1
Radio Studio 1 Gikopoipoi 2
Radio Studio 2: BEAT GIKO Gikopoipoi 1
Radio Studio 3: G-SQUID Gikopoipoi 3
Radio Studio Gikopoipoi 0
Radio Studio: Green Room Gikopoipoi 0
Radio Studio: Dressing Room Gikopoipoi 0
Shrine Entrance Gikopoipoi 0
Banqueting Hall Gikopoipoi 3
Well A Gikopoipoi 1
Well B Gikopoipoi 0
Admin's Bar Gikopoipoi 2
Underground Town: Bar 774 Gikopoipoi 0 Anonymous
Sushi Vendor Gikopoipoi 0
School: Hallway Gikopoipoi 0
School: Classroom Gikopoipoi 0
School: Cultural Room Gikopoipoi 3
School Computer Lab Gikopoipoi 1
School: Schoolyard Gikopoipoi 0
Hilltop Stairway Gikopoipoi 0
Seashore Gikopoipoi 0
Train Gikopoipoi 1
Monachat Gikopoipoi 3
Convenience Store Gikopoipoi 1 Seasonal changes
Hacker Office Gikopoipoi 1
River Gikopoipoi 0 Seasonal changes
Fireplace Gikopoipoi 1 Seasonal changes
Opticians 1
Attic 0 Seasonal changes
School Gym 1
Hell Secret room from alpha poipoi
McDonald's Killsushi's house
Grave WIP
Gym Broken
Bad End Gikopoipoi 0 Secret
Labyrinth Gikopoipoi 0 Secret / WIP
Lost Lounge Gikopoipoi 1 Secret
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