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Business ideas

  • furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth)
    • Doubles as hijab! 🧕
  • hourglass set
  • Raspberry Pi + special OS with fun web apps and instruction manual
  • Smart lava lamp
    • lava lamps take about 1 hour to start working and need to be shut off after 6 hours
  • E-paper PDA (calendar, clock, alarms, address book, MP3 player, flashlight etc) that also serves as a offline RSS reader / pocket size ebook (use USB-C to charge/sync)
  • Heated dakimakura
    • Like an electric blanket, but more weeb-friendly. Good for the winter.
  • Tower of Hanoi flashcard set
    • The classic recursive math toy, but one can insert cards with things like constellations, moon calendars, conversion tables, etc into clear plastic disks. Pragmatic.
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