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Buddhism / Core Beliefs

What are the core beliefs of a Buddhist? (Buddhism from first principles)

  • All conditioned things are impermanent
  • Mind and body are impermanent things
  • Impermanence leads to dissatisfaction
  • Nothing dissatisfying and impermanent should be called “soul”
  • Dukkha is the result of clinging/desire/ignorance
  • It is possible to be rid of dukkha
  • Buddha and other enlightened beings overcame dukkha
  • We have control over our behaviors, habits, actions
  • Flawed perspective leads to flawed results, correct perspective leads to correct results
  • Refuges:
    • Buddha - understood stress and its causes, overcame stress, taught what he understood
    • Dhamma - is the teachings of the Buddha to understand stress, its causes, and overcome it
    • Sangha - people who understand the teachings of the Buddha, have overcome or are overcoming stress
  • Actions based on greed / fear / delusion will lead to future pain
  • Killing, stealing, raping, lying, intoxication lead to future pain

Essential route

See Access to Insight's article on “Path to Freedom”

  1. Giving - not just to Buddha and Buddhists but all people and all creatures, things like food, medicine, care…
  2. Virtue - abstaining from bad behaviors
  3. Heaven - the result of giving and virtue
  4. Drawbacks - why nirvana is better than heaven
  5. Letting go - how to change your behaviors here and now
  6. Four noble truths - the essential teaching of Buddha on suffering, its causes, and its defeat
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