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Anime Technology

If you are a lover of anime and technology, use both together for the best results!

Watching all your anime on sketchy streaming sites is undesirable whether watching old shows or following new ones. Technology exists to help you track progress and also watch locally available files, which means high quality without buffering and no ads.

Make an account on MyAnimeList

It's important to track your progress in watched shows. Even more important is being able to show off your watchlist so that people know that you're a real deal prime-time otaku. In the wise words of the “Xbox 360 kid”:

“The great thing about [My Anime List] isn't [Finishing the animes], it's showing everyone online that I did.”

Get a torrent client.

On Windows, uTorrent 2.2.1 is ideal; for Linux, ktorrent is best.

Install Taiga

Taiga will automatically update your MAL as you watch shows and also update you about new torrents for currently airing shows you're watching.

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